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    Anything and Everything for Restaurants
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Pasolli S.r.l.

Over 50 years of experience to serve you better and offer you the best product

Food Distribution in Alto Adige

The company Pasolli was founded in 1964 at a laboratory on via Zara in Bolzano in the business of pickling.


Business grew constantly, both in terms of sales volume and the product range offered, and in the 1980s it began to expand its network of salesmen.


In the 1990s, Pasolli moved to its current headquarters on via Copernico, which include a large warehouse and spacious offices. The size of the facility made it possible to further expand the product offering, which today numbers 1500 items.

Our Customers

Experience in food distribution for all types of businesses

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    Experience, knowledge of the market, compliance with current regulations and a staff that strives for excellence.

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